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Published May 12, 2015

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An Arizona man keeps his dead wife in a glass-enclosed coffee table.

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Photographs show rooms of a townhouse filled with beer cans and boxes.

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Photographs show the discovery of mermaid-like sea creature.

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Ronald McDonald being carried off by police officers.

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The skeleton of a giant human was uncovered during gas exploration in Saudi Arabia.

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Video clip shows a middle-aged woman punching another woman in the mouth.

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Video clip shows UFOs over Haiti.

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Photographs show square watermelons.

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Video captures a 'creepy gnome' that has frightened residents of an Argentine town.

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The Sears web site briefly offered a "body part roaster" grill for cooking babies.

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Boyd Bushman provided evidence of human contact with alien life before his death.

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A dollar store princess wand called the "Evilstick" has a hidden image of a "demonic" girl cutting her wrists.

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A photograph shows Valentina Vassilyeva and her 69 children.

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A photograph shows thousands of rubber ducks lost at sea.

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Photograph shows giant humanoid skulls discovered after an earthquake in South America.

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