President Obama asked Americans not to hold 9/11 victim tributes because they are offensive to Muslims.





On 5 September 2016, the clickbait Departed web site published a baseless “article” reporting that President Obama had asked American citizens not to honor those who perished on 11 September 2001 because such events might be offensive to Muslims:

article i guess

The “article” consisted of an ungrammatical title (“Obama Asks Americans Not to Hold 9/11 Victim Tribute Because Muslim Protesters Being ‘Offended’”) and the above-displayed tweet, but no actual text. Departed didn’t provide a source for this alleged statement, a link to a news article reporting it, or a video showing President Obama issuing such a request.

It should also be noted that @DailyNewsUSA, the Twitter account that posted this fabricated claim, is a shill account for Departed and not a legitimate news source.

Departed frequently publishes inflammatory and fabricated clickbait material, such as a story claiming that 106 people were killed at an ISIS-related music festival, or an article reporting that Obama was dismantling the Statue of Liberty because it offends Muslims.

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