Did Barack Obama and George W. Bush Tweet Criticisms of Kanye West?

Doctored images appear to show the 43rd and 44th U.S. presidents leading a Twitter backlash against the controversial rapper.


In April 2018, Barack Obama and George W. Bush criticized rapper Kanye West on Twitter.



Rapper and producer Kanye West engendered controversy in April 2018 after reviving his activity on Twitter and posting a series of tweets on a variety of political, social, and racial issues. In one tweet, he declared his love for President Donald Trump, while in anothe, he criticized former president (and fellow Chicagoan) Barack Obama:

In the midst of West’s tweeting spurt, two fake tweets emerged which purported to show a backlash against his comments from the 43rd and 44th presidents of the United States.

On 28 April 2018, the American News X Facebook page posted what appeared to be a screenshot of a response by Obama to the rapper’s “Chicago” dig:

A second image purported to show George W. Bush stepping into the Twitter fray, using a criticism that West famously leveled against the former president himself in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005:

Neither former President Obama nor President Bush issued any such tweets. (George W. Bush does not even have a verified personal Twitter account.) Both screenshots appear to be the products of digital image editing.

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