Obama and Trump Use Umbrellas

Two photographs from September 2016 appear to show marked differences in Donald Trump's and Barack Obama's umbrella etiquette.


A photograph shows Donald Trump using an umbrella to keep only himself dry, while another image shows President Obama giving his umbrella to Michelle Obama to keep her dry.



In September 2016, a graphic featuring two images appeared: One showed President Barack Obama walking in the rain while an umbrella sheltered First Lady Michelle Obama, while the other showed Donald Trump using an umbrella to keep himself dry while a nearby woman walked in the rain:


The above-displayed image was frequently attached to messages applauding Obama’s gentlemanly behavior and criticizing Trump’s selfish nature:

Look at Donald J. Trump not sharing his umbrella while Obama walks in the rain so Michele can stay dry…

Trump the Chump!

These images, however, are not accurate portrayals of either man’s moral character. As some pointed out, this image could also be used to make a “pro-Trump” statement, arguing that the pictures showed how Obama was ill-prepared for the rain, while Trump had the forethought to bring an umbrella.

Regardless of how one interprets the images, it should be noted that the picture of Trump is one of many taken by the Tampa Bay Times on 7 September 2016. Other photographs show Trump and Florida Attorney-General Pam Bondi walking under the same umbrella:

trump and pam bondi

It’s also inaccurate to assume that President Obama is anti-umbrella, as several photographs show him using one to keep himself and others dry:

obama umbrella

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