McDonald’s Removing Big Mac, Apple Pies and Eliminating Large Size Options

Rumor: McDonald's is discontinuing the Big Mac, apple pies, and large size menu items.

Claim:   McDonald’s is discontinuing the Big Mac, apple pies, and large size menu items.


Example:   [Collected via email, December 2014]

Is Madonalds taking Big Macs off the menu and eliminating super
sizing the meals


Origins:   On 19 December 2014, Daily Buzz Live published an article claiming McDonald’s would be eliminating several popular offerings, including Big Macs, apple pies, and large size menu items:

McDonald’s has just announced that it will be phasing out 8 menu items the beginning of next year and most McDonald’s customers are not happy.

This means the end of the Big Mac, apple pie and large size menu items. Currently, the Big Mac has a whopping 550 calories and 29g of fat. The Apple pie contains 250 cal, and it would take a full 69 minute to walk that off! With that being said, those two menu items were not a tough decision for elimination.

Soon afterwards links and excerpts referencing this article were being circulated via social media, with many of those who encountered the item mistaking it for a genuine news article. However, while McDonald’s did announce in December 2014 that they were testing the idea of

discontinuing some of their menu items (such as varieties of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Premium Chicken Sandwich, and Snack Wraps), favorites such as Big Macs, Apple Pies, and all large size menu items were not among the offerings potentially slated for the chopping block.

The Daily Buzz Live article was just a bit of satire from that fake news site, which publishes made-up stories such as “Starbucks Apologizes for Serving Satanic Coffee to Catholic Teacher,” and “Get Ready: Obama to Implement the New American Currency Called the ‘Amero.'”

Daily Buzz Live‘s disclaimer notes the site offers items that are not news, but rather fictional reports “inspired” by real events.

Last updated:   21 December 2014