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Did Nelson Mandela Praise President Trump?

The famed South African anti-apartheid figure's 100th birthday anniversary will be celebrated in July 2018.

Published May 7, 2018

Nelson Mandela praised President Trump ahead of a South African visit by Barack Obama.

On 6 May 2018, the web site Daily World Update published an article reporting that South African anti-apartheid and political leader Nelson Mandela had praised U.S. President Donald Trump just ahead of a visit to South Africa by former U.S. president Barack Obama:

Obama is soon scheduled to speak in South Africa to commemorate former South African dictator Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

Ahead of Obama’s appearance at the event, where he hopes to preach “tolerance” to blacks in South Africa who brutally oppress white people in reverse-slavery-like conditions, Mandela praised not Obama but President Trump.

Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver the 16th annual Nelson Mandela lecture in South Africa on 17 July 2018, but Nelson Mandela did not "humiliate" the former president by praising his successor, President Donald Trump, instead. (Mandela actually passed away in 2013.)

This report was a fabricated story that originated solely with Daily World Update, a site that is part of a fake news network which engages in political trolling under the guise of offering "satire."

The site's disclaimer notes that "Everything on this website is fiction."


Farrow, Janet.   "Obama’s Hero Nelson Mandela HUMILIATES Obama, Praises TRUMP!"     Daily World Update.   6 May 2018.

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