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Did Nancy Sinatra Say Ol' Blue Eyes 'Loathed' Donald Trump?

The "These Boots Are Made for Walking" singer was responding to a comment from Mia Farrow, Sinatra's ex-wife.

Published Sep 16, 2022

Frank Sinatra, in performance; circa 1970; New York. (Photo by Art Zelin/Getty Images) (Getty Images)
Frank Sinatra, in performance; circa 1970; New York. (Photo by Art Zelin/Getty Images)
Nancy Sinatra said her father, Frank Sinatra, "loathed" former U.S. President Donald Trump.

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In September 2022, some social media users shared Twitter posts from actress Mia Farrow and singer Nancy Sinatra, the ex-wife and daughter of legendary singer Frank Sinatra, respectively, in which each stated that the crooner had a negative opinion of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

This Reddit post, for example, was from Sept. 16, 2022:

"Frank Sinatra would have loathed Donald Trump," Farrow allegedly tweeted.

"He actually did loathe him," was Nancy Sinatra's response.

These tweets are real, but dated.

If you look carefully, you'll notice that the tweets were posted by Farrow and Sinatra on July 3, 2020. They were apparently in response to then-President Trump's since-abandoned ambitions to build a "National Garden of American Heroes," and his proposal to include Frank Sinatra among the "heroes" in the hero garden.

Farrow was apparently reacting to comments from Trump about plans to include Ol' Blue Eyes in the monument — to which Nancy responded that her father did, in fact, "loathe" Trump.

Although we don't know what, specifically, Nancy Sinatra was referring to, it is public knowledge that her father, who died in 1998, had a beef with Trump from well before Trump became president.

In 1990, Trump tried to renegotiate a performance contract with Sinatra at Trump's Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. The events were recalled by Sinatra's manager Eliot Weisman in a book titled, "The Way It Was." That renegotiation included cutting opening acts Sammy Davis Jr., and duo Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé. Here's how Sinatra responded, as reported by British publication The Week:

Weisman said that when he called Sinatra with Trump's offer, Sinatra responded that Weisman could either tell Trump to "go f--k himself," or give Sinatra Trump's number and he would tell him himself. Weisman, who managed Sinatra from 1975 until 1998, said he went and delivered the message to Trump: "Sinatra says go f--k yourself!" Sinatra played the Sands in Las Vegas instead, and in a twist, Trump picked Sinatra's "My Way" as the first dance at his inaugural ball.

The idea for the garden was panned by others as well, namely historians. James Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association, told The Washington Post that the historical figures whose likenesses Trump said would grace the garden ranged from "odd to probably inappropriate to provocative."

It contained a wide-ranging assortment of figures, from fairly modern celebrities like televangelist Bill Graham and singer Whitney Houston to political and historical figures, including conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Christopher Columbus, and Martin Luther King, Jr.


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