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Did a Group of Muslims Attack Welsh Bar Patrons for Drinking Beer?

Several web sites grossly misrepresented the truth about videos showing disturbances at a 2014 pro-Palestine rally in Wales.

Published Jun 9, 2017

A video shows a group of Muslims attacking bar patrons in Cardiff, Wales, for drinking beer.

On 9 June 2017, America Flash News published a short article that included a video it claimed showed a group of Muslims attacking bar patrons in Wales for drinking beer:

What would you do if you were attacked by Muslims for having an ice cold glass of beer? Would you be angry and fight back? Or would you stop drinking to appease them?

It looks like these people were not going to take it from them. Watch as the chaos unfolds in Wales when Muslims try to stop people from drinking in public.

Like a similar version of the story published by the Clash Daily web site, the article includes this video:

The video, posted to YouTube in October 2014, does not show what the America Flash News article says it does. This is another, longer video of the disturbance, on Mill Lane and St Mary's St, a popular thoroughfare in the Welsh city. This version was posted in July 2014: 

On 26 July 2014, clashes erupted at a march for Gaza in the centre of Cardiff, during Operation Protective Edge, an Israeli military operation in the Gaza strip. We could find no evidence, whether in news reports or police statements, to support the claim that those taking part in the march had attacked bar patrons for drinking alcohol. 

Local news site Wales Online reported that the disruption was sparked by drinkers verbally abusing demonstrators, and throwing chairs at them:

In ugly scenes, as protesters passed the city's Mill Lane — popular with diners and drinkers — chairs and tables were thrown at them by people drinking outside in the bars.

Witnesses saw chairs and tables being thrown into crowds as the protest passed by.

Placards were also apparently used as weapons as anger erupted on the busy street, which is packed with bars and restaurants.

The BBC reported:

Police have been criticised over their handling of a protest march in Cardiff after video footage emerged of violence erupting during it.

Bar stools and glasses were thrown as 1,500 people opposed to Israel's military action in Gaza took part.

Various videos appear to show individuals from both sides throwing objects, and ultimately, eight men were convicted and sentenced on violent disorder charges in Cardiff Crown Court. However, none of them said anything about beer.


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Dan Mac Guill is a former writer for Snopes.

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