Muslims Threaten Bikini-Clad Women with Stun Gun

A video showing a fight at a pool of unclear nature is shared with a fear-mongering story about Muslims.

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A video shows two Muslim men threatening people with a stun gun after seeing bikini-clad women.

There is a video popping up today allegedly showing muslims pointing a taser at people ay a pool in Florida because they are offended by someone wearing a bikini.



On 19 June 2016, the anti-Islam watch group “Our Eye on Islam” posted a video on YouTube purportedly showing two Muslim men threatening a group of people with a stun gun at a pool in Florida after they were angered by glimpsing women in bikinis:

Video in Florida yesterday of two Muslims Pointing a Taser at Family because they were offended that two girls were wearing bikinis.

However, several aspects of this footage seemingly contradict “Our Eye on Islam’s” claims about it.

It’s impossible to tell whether or not the man holding the gun is Muslim. At no point in the video does he utter anything related to Islam, nor do any of the “victims” in the video accuse him of being Muslim. “Our Eye On Islam” may have made this assumption due to the presence of a cloaked figure that is assumed to be a woman in a burqa but is clearly an inanimate object concealed by a pool cover (as it remains motionless throughout the video):

burka or pool cover

Bikini-clad women are also curiously absent from the footage. While “Our Eye on Islam” claimed that “Muslims” were angered after seeing women wearing bikinis, none of the women pictured in this footage are wearing revealing clothing.

The audio portion of the video clip is difficult to decipher (as multiple people are screaming throughout it), the captured fight seems to have little to do with Muslims or bikinis and more to do with the presence of the stun gun. The footage ends with the “Muslim” pointing at the weapon and saying “I’ll put it away” before leaving the pool area.

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