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Is Funyuns Mountain Dew Real?

Flaming Hot Mountain Dew exists, so why not Funyun-flavored?

Published Apr 29, 2022

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A photograph shows an actual bottle of Funyuns Mountain Dew.

Fact Check

In April 2022, an image that supposedly showed a bottle of Funyun-flavored Mountain Dew was widely circulated on social media.

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The image proved so popular, and so convincing, that the official Mountain Dew Twitter account posted a screenshot showing how "Funyuns Mountain Dew" and "Funyuns Mountain Dew Real" became suggested search terms on Google.

Unfortunately for Funyuns lovers, this is not a genuine photograph of a real Mountain Dew product but a digitally altered image.

The viral image was created by altering a picture of another Mountain Dew product. The original photograph showed a bottle of "Baja Flash," a beverage released in 2021 that was described as "DEW with a Blast of Natural & Artificial Pineapple Coconut Flavor."

Here's a comparison of the original photograph and the doctored image:

The photograph of Baja Flash was posted to the website theimpulsivebuy.com in June 2021. A few days later, the website published a review of this new Dew drink:

As I poured some into my glass, I could smell the sweet coconut more than the golden fruit. Also, the pineapple isn’t as prevalent as the coconut when it comes to taste, but its flavor seems to stick out more in the aftertaste. The coconut might turn off some folks, but I dug it.

The picture showing a Funyuns-flavored Mountain Dew product is fake, and as of this writing, this flavor is not listed on Mountain Dew's website.

While Funyuns Mountain Dew does not currently exist, it seems like the company is humorously entertaining the idea. So maybe, one day, people will be able to enjoy liquified Funyuns.


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Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.