Large Motorcycle Group Heading to Trump Inauguration?

A photograph showing a large group of motorcyclists riding on a highway is not related to Donald Trump's inauguration.

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Image via Pixabay


A photograph shows a large group of bikers on their way to Donald Trump's inauguration.



An image purportedly showing a large group of motorcyclists traversing a highway on their way to Preisdent-elect Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration was widely shared on social media in January 2017:


This picture is not related to Donald Trump’s inauguration, however. It has been online since at least January 2013, when it was published on the blog “Moteros de Hoy” (Bikers Today) in an article about how to ride safely in a large group. Although that article did not provide any specific information about when and where the photograph was taken, it clearly long antedates Donald Trump’s election and inauguration.

A pro-Trump biker group called “Bikers for Trump” has said they are planning on attending the inauguration in Washington, D.C., though. Founder Chris Cox stated that he expected about 5,000 bikers to show up for the event.