Motorcycle Curfew in 11 States?

A multi-state motorcycle curfew hasn't been signed into law effective in April 2016.


Eleven states are implementing motorcycle curfews with stiff penalties for violators.

Just read that a lot of states are going to implement an 11:00 - 6:00am motorcycle curfew. Read it on Any truth in this? Thanks



On 7 March 2016, the somewhat official-sounding web site Associated Media Coverage published an article that reported:

11 states working in conjunction with the U.S Department of Transportation (U.D.O.T) have agreed to implement an ordinance requiring motorcyclists to adhere to a mandatory curfew between the hours of 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM.

Representatives from the 11 states that have agreed to the ordinance (South Dakota, Florida, Washington, Arkansas, California, New Hampshire, Indiana, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, & Kentucky), have said that their states will be implementing the ordinance as soon as early April 2016 and expect all motorcyclists to be in compliance immediately upon implementation. All states have agreed to implement the ordinance by July 3rd 2016.

Unlike many web sites that publish “satirical” items (also known as fake news), Associated Media Coverage featured no disclaimer warning readers that its content was not to be taken seriously. Each page displayed an “About Us” link at the bottom, which was not operational.

Associated Media Coverage appeared to feature just four articles, and didn’t come into existence until 18 February 2016. A sweeping, multi-state curfew initiated by the U.S. Department of Transportation would certainly make news across more than just one web site, and no individuals named “Donald McCarthy” were listed among DOT representatives.

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