Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier’s Twitter Account

A parody Twitter account attributed to Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier contained a number of satirical (and outrageous) tweets about the Dakota Access pipeline protests.

  • Published 7 December 2016


Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier published pro-Dakota Access Pipeline and anti-Native American content via Twitter.

Is this *really* the Morton County Sheriff, or a spoof account?
Morton County sheriffs Twitter account hacked? "Native Americans don't know what's best for them. #CounqueredPeople must except the laws of their new masters. Simple as that."

Collected via e-mail, December 2016



In November 2016, the Twitter account @KyleKirchmeier appeared, purporting to belong to the sheriff of Morton County, North Dakota (site of the proposed Dakota Access pipeline and the ensuing protests) and publishing clearly offensive content:

A significant portion of the account’s activity involved engagement with other Twitter users, many of whom were not aware the @KyleKirchmeier account was illegitimate. However, on 6 December 2016, the official @MortonCountySD confirmed that the account is phony:

In the tweet, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department indicated it was not aware who was behind the parody @KyleKirchmeier account. However, the Department said that it was working with Twitter to remove the parody account.