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Monica Lewinsky Says She Is Voting for Hillary Clinton

The former White House intern hasn't publicly expressed a presidential preference outside of fake news.

Published Oct 10, 2016

Monica Lewinsky has announced she's voting for Hillary Clinton.

On 30 July 2016, the Empire News web site published an article reporting that notorious former White House intern Monica Lewinsky had announced she would be voting for Hillary Clinton:

Former presidential intern and the world’s second most famous presidential lay, Monica Lewinsky, has gone on record saying that she will be voting for her old flame’s wife, Hillary Clinton, in the next election.

Lewinsky, who is a staunch anti-bullying activist, says she couldn’t possibly vote for Trump, because he’s “the biggest bully” she’s ever seen.

“I’ve spent years trying to stop bullying, in life and online, with children, teens, and adults, so what kind of message would it send if I voted for Donald Trump?” asked Lewinsky. “I understand that there are some weird ramifications of me voting for my former lover’s wife, but you know, those were different times. That dress has long since been burned, if you know what I mean.”

This report was not true. Empire News is a fake news site whose disclaimer notes as such:

Empire News is intended for entertainment purposes only. Our website and social media content uses only fictional names, except in cases of public figure and celebrity parody or satirization. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

As of this writing, Ms. Lewinsky has not publicly endorsed any particular presidential candidate.

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