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Monica Lewinsky Found Dead?

Monica Lewinsky was not found murdered after a robbery at a friend's house.

Published June 5, 2017

Monica Lewinsky was found dead after a robbery.

On 3 June 2017, the web site Last Line of Defense claimed Monica Lewinsky was found dead:

Monica Lewinsky was having a visit with a friend from high school this week that ended in tragedy. Just moments ago, Freedom Crossroads Correspondent Louis Leweigh confirmed that The coroner just left the scene where Monica Lewinsky, who we now know never ended her affair with Clinton, was found murdered in a burglary.

Police Chief Randall Getty told Leweigh:

“Pretty cut and dry. We have a suspect we think we have on several area cameras who is a known pot addict. He’s been in and out of jail more than a dozen times for possession. We’re looking at him and we’re also considering because of the high-profile nature of the case other suspects like the Clintons.”

Appended was a photograph of a corpse on a gurney, incidentally used for similar fake news in May 2017. There was no truth to it or any claim originating with Last Line of Defense, a fake news site whose disclaimer reads:

DISCLAIMER: America’s Last Line of Defense is a satirical publication that uses the imagination of liberals to expose the extreme bigotry and hate and subsequent blind gullibility that festers in right-wing nutjobs. We present fiction as fact and our sources don’t actually exist. Names that represent actual people and places are purely coincidental and all images should be considered altered and do not in any way depict reality.

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.