Did Stuart Minkus Become Chanel West Coast?

Lee Norris, better known as Cory Matthews' nerdy middle school classmate Stuart Minkus on 'Boy Meets World,' did not become actress Chanel West Coast.


The actor who played Stuart Minkus on the television series Boy Meets World become the actress Chanel West Coast.



In July 2015, a humorous social media meme (displayed above) was circulated riffing on the notion that the child actor who played the nerdy character Stuart Minkus during the first season of the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World in 1993-94 eventually underwent a sex change operation and became actress Chanel West Coast (the stage name of Chelsea Chanel Dudley). While the meme was intended as a joke, many viewers mistook it for a factual report that Lee Norris, the actor who played Stuart Minkus, had in fact changed genders and carried on with a successful acting career.

This is not the case, of course. Lee Norris and Chanel West Coast are two different people who happen to bear a superficial facial resemblance to each other:

Lest there were any doubt, we note that Norris also portrayed the character Marvin ‘Mouth’ McFadden on the television drama One Tree Hill from 2003-2012 and reprised his role as Stuart Minkus in a couple of episodes of the spinoff sitcom Girl Meets World in 2014-15:

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