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Did a Gun Store Sell Trump-Shaped Dildos?

A widely shared Facebook post provoked all manner of reactions in April and May 2021.

Published May 6, 2021

 (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)
Image Via Gage Skidmore/Flickr
In April and May 2021, an actual gun store in Philadelphia sold sex toys molded to resemble the face of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

In May 2021, social media users enthusiastically shared a Facebook post that appeared to come from a Philadelphia gun store selling sex toys shaped like the face of former U.S. President Donald Trump. (Note: This article contains photographs and descriptions of sex toys that some readers might find inappropriate.)

The April 29 post from Mike Oxmall's Guns and Ammo contained a photograph of a table full of brightly colored dildos, each with a top molded in the shape of Trump's face. The Facebook post read:

"We are now selling home made Trump 'toys' for that special lady in your life (NOT FOR MEN)..."

Donald Trump dildos

The post was a hoax. The actual creator of the "Trump dildos" told Snopes she had no arrangement to sell them through "Mike Oxmall's guns and ammo." That Facebook page appeared to be no more than an online-only, pro-Trump parody page rather than a real, brick-and-mortar store located in Philadelphia. We are issuing a rating of "False."

The photograph associated with the Facebook post was not original. It was actually first posted in 2017 by Jessica Hutcheson, an American artist, DJ, vocalist, and music producer based in Berlin, who created the Trump dildos and has posted photographs of them several times in the ensuing four years.

Hutcheson, who goes by the monikers "Hutch" and "Hutchtastic" and has been strongly opposed to Trump and his presidency, told Snopes that she had "nothing to do with" the Facebook page in question, adding, "They do not have any of my sculptures available for sale."

The claim that the gun store in question was selling Hutchtastic's Trump dildos was false. Furthermore, the entire Facebook page appears to be a pro-Trump parody and does not appear to relate to any real Philadelphia gun store.

Firstly, the name of the "store" — "Mike Oxmall's guns and ammo" — appears to be no more than a crude play on words. (Read the full name out loud to yourself, a few times, if necessary.) Secondly, the page is categorized "gun store" and "shooting/hunting range" on Facebook, but also "Satire/parody." The description of the page reads: "Mike Oxmall's Guns & Ammo is not a family owned small business located on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, PA... [Emphasis is added]."

Finally, the address provided in the Facebook page is bogus. A Sansom Street does famously exist in Philadelphia's Center City, but not the "105 Sansom St" listed on the page. When a user clicks on to the map provided, they are taken to an entirely different address: 1336 Spring Garden St. That is an authentic Philadelphia street address, but it is home to the Philadelphia Boys Choir, not the fictional "Mike Oxmall's guns and ammo."

Dan Mac Guill is a former writer for Snopes.

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