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Metallica Singer James Hetfield Isn't 'Going Country'

A fake news article claimed that Metallica singer James Hetfield had left the band to pursue a career in country music.

Published March 10, 2016

Singer James Hetfield left the band Metallica and has announced a new country music album.

On 8 March 2016, the entertainment web site HeavierMetal.net published a fake news article claiming that musician James Hetfield was leaving the band Metallica in order to release a solo country album:

Heavy metal legend James Hetfield has announced he is leaving Metallica to start a new career in Nashville. He has been a member of Metallica for over 30 years and has created music with that band that will certainly live on forever. Although fans were shocked, a source connected to the band says it has been in the works for “a long time”.

In a statement, Hetfield said it was “time to move on and get back to my country roots”. He is expected to release his debut album in June and make his first appearance at the Grand Ole’ Opry in July. Hetfield was recently seen shopping for blue jeans and cowboy boots by paparazzi in Los Angeles.

The above-quoted article is a work of fiction. HeavierMetal.net is a fake news web site that specializes in the niche market of heavy metal-oriented humor and satire.

While the site itself does not feature a readily available disclaimer identifying its content as fiction, the accompanying Facebook page does, describing HeavierMetal.net as the satirical sister site of the music news web site Rockfeed.net:

Thank you for joining our hard rock and heavy metal community. RockFeed.net (News) HeavierMetal.net (Satire)

James Hetfield has not left Metallica, and he is not planning a country album. This rumor originated on an entertainment web site that specializes in satirical music news.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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