Claim:   Video clip shows a man shooting down a waterslide, flying off a ramp, and landing in a small wading pool.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, August 2009]

A lot of people are emailing this video to me and I just can’t believe that it is real but i can not find any information. Is there any chance this is real?


Origins:   This video clip of a man (engineer Bruno Kammerl) in a neoprene suit shooting down a waterslide, flying off a ramp, traveling an amazingly long distance, and landing smack in the middle of a tiny wading pool hit the Internet in August 2009. It’s not a recording of a real event, but rather a viral advertisement for Microsoft Germany accomplished through a combination of video editing techniques:

It’s a case of creative compositing, meaning that the clip we get to see is based on multiple elements that were combined together to create a final video. A stuntman slides down the slide, secured by a rope. Then there’s a body flying through the air, which is animated. And finally, the big splash. “He actually jumped from a wooden ramp into the pool,” explained [Maik] Koenigs. Of course, you don’t get to see any of this in the final clip, thanks to careful editing that makes it look like a single take.

Last updated:   17 June 2015


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