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Does McDonald's Still Sell McPizza?

Rumor: McDonald's still sells McPizza at select locations in the United States.

Published Jan 29, 2015


Claim:   McDonald's still sells McPizza at select locations in the United States.


TRUE: At least two Mcdonald's restaurants in the United States sell pizza.
FALSE: The original McPizza is still available at select McDonald's locations.

Example:   [Collected via internet, January 2015]

Wish they would bring the pizzas back to all McDonalds!! Pizzas and Apple pies was the only thing I ate from there.


Origins:   On 20 January 2015, an article published on Canada.com drew the attention of fast food fanciers in its claim that two McDonald's restaurants in the United States were still serving the McPizza menu offering the famous hamburger chain began test marketing back in the 1980s (and had largely discontinued by 2000):

Remember the crunch of the cornmeal crust? And the stringy cheese, with a slightly sweeter-than normal marinara underneath?

Maybe you shoved french fries in it like birthday candles. Or ate it crust first, as was the style at the time.

In any case, if you're a child of the nineties, you remember it well: McDonald's pizza.

And, like pogs and Beanie Babies, it too disappeared with the innocence of your childhood.

Except, in two magical locations in Ohio and West Virginia, where one hero owner has kept the McDonald's pizza ovens burning all these years later.


The article, titled "Attention Children of the '90s: You Can Still Get McDonald's Pizza," quickly went viral as it was picked up by food blogs and major news outlets. But while it's true pizza is still being served at two McDonald's in the United States, it's unlikely these restaurants are using the original recipe for McPizza.

The McDonald's corporation occasionally allows franchise owners to add food items to the standard menu, and in this case franchise owner Greg Mills (who owns both of the pizza-selling locations) was allowed to add his "interpretation" of the McPizza to the menu. A spokesperson for McDonald's confirmed the fast food chain no longer produces McPizza, and the pizza served at the two McDonald's owned by Mills "is not the McPizza, the product of the 1990s people are familiar with."

The pizza served at McDonald's locations owned by Greg Mills in Ohio and West Virginia may not be exactly the same as the McPizza served by the chain in the 1990s, but it's likely as close to that nostalgic food item as anyone's going to get.

Last updated:   29 January 2015

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