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No, McDonald's Isn't Charging a 'Caucasian' Service Fee

A faked image mocked up to look like a message from the restaurant chain circulated online.

Published Jan 23, 2022

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McDonald's is charging Caucasian customers a $1.50 service fee.

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In January 2022, an image circulated online allegedly alerting Caucasian customers of the fast food chain McDonald's that they would be required to pay an additional fee:

The text included in the image above, which includes the McDonald's logo, reads:

"As an insurance measure, due in part to the recent coup attempt of the Capital (sic) earlier this year, all Caucasian customers are required to pay an additional fee of $1.50 per transaction."

McDonald's has no such policy, but the image appears to be a variation of a similar internet post.

In 2012, a similar image with similar wording circulated online claiming that McDonald's was instituting an additional $1.50 fee on Black customers.


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