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Was This McDonald's Burned During Floyd Protests?

Grease fires are an occupational hazard at restaurants, protests or no protests.

Published May 31, 2020

Image Via Shutterstock
A photograph shows a McDonald's set afire during protests over George Floyd's death.

As protests over the May 2020 police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis swept across the U.S., resulting in the burning of structures in many cities, the Breaking9ll Twitter account tweeted a picture of a blazing McDonald's restaurant along with the caption "BREAKING: McDonald's Has Fallen":

This tweet did not feature a real photograph of a McDonald's set afire during protests over Floyd's death, however. The image was a repurposed photograph of a restaurant in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, that burned in November 2016 after a grease fire started in its kitchen:

The McDonald's at 757 E. Cumberland St. in Lebanon is deemed a complete loss by Lebanon Fire Commissioner Duane Trautman after a grease fire started in the kitchen and spread toward the roof Friday night.

Crews were dispatched just after 8 p.m., and according to dispatch reports, a fully involved kitchen fire is what they arrived to.

The Breaking 911 Twitter account, which described itself as a "parody account," mimicked the appearance of the real Breaking 911 news site's Twitter feed. The former account has since been suspended by Twitter.


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