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Did McDonald's 'Permanently Ban' the 'McFish' Sandwich?

"Cancel culture" may have gone too far when it extends to nonexistent fast food items.

Published Feb 4, 2021

 (McDonald's )
Image Via McDonald's
McDonald's has "permanently banned" the "McFish" sandwich from their U.S. menus.

On Feb. 4, 2021, Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly became an ephemeral social media star when he tweeted a complaint that he was unable to order a "McFish" sandwich at "MacDonald's" and fumed about being called a "male Karen" while he questioned whether the nonexistent food item had been "permanently banned":

Whether or not Kelly was merely being tongue-in-cheek, other Twitter users reveled in seizing on the details of his post, pointing out numerous issues with it -- not the least of which is that McDonald's fish patty sandwich is, and always has been, officially listed as a Filet-O-Fish on the company's U.S. restaurant menus:

"McFish" ended up being one of Twitter's top trending topics of the day as user after user piled on to poke fun at the original tweet:

In short, McDonald's has not taken "McFish" off their menu in the U.S., because they didn't sell a product by that name here in the first place. The properly named Filet-O-Fish sandwich remains a popular menu item in nearly every American McDonald's.

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