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Is This Meme About Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations Accurate?

It's difficult to make a nonexistent vaccine mandatory.

Published July 7, 2020

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COVID-19 vaccinations, which have already killed several youngsters, will be required before children will be allowed to return to school.

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During the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic of 2020, social media was rife with misinformation about the disease and potential treatments for it, as exemplified by the following meme:

mandatory covid vaccine

All of the substantive statements contained in this meme are false or purely speculative, as detailed below:

"The COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory in order to go back to school."

As of this writing (mid-2020), no effective COVID-19 vaccine exists, nor is it known when (or if) one will become available. Should such a vaccine be produced, whether children will be required to take it before returning to school is a decision that will be made at local levels and based on a variety of factors. No one can assert at this time with any reliability that all schoolchildren everywhere will have to be vaccinated to attend school again.

"They will contain RFID chips."

The notion that citizens will be subjected to compulsory, involuntary implantation with RFID chips (so the government can better track them) is an old conspiracy theory trope with no basis in fact. The specific claim that the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a pretext to push a vaccine with a microchip capable of tracking Americans (along with the rest of the world's population) is one that we have already debunked at length.

"The Bible says you will break out into boils."

The Bible does not say that humans will "break out into boils" as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations or RFID chips. The Bible is silent on both these subjects, as vaccination and RFID technologies were not developed until many centuries after the texts that comprise the Bible were written and compiled.

"Many kids will die from the COVID-19 vaccine. Just to remind you the 4 kids that took the vaccine, died immediately."

As no effective COVIO-19 yet exists, no one can say that "many kids" will die from it, nor, obviously, that any children have already died from it. The latter rumor is also one we previously debunked at length here on Snopes.com

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