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'Make America White Again'

A photograph of Donald Trump supporters wearing "Make America White Again" shirts at a rally is an altered version of a less controversial picture.

Published Mar 9, 2016

Photograph shows Donald Trump supporters wearing "Make America White Again" shirts at a rally.

In early March 2016, a photograph began circulating on Facebook depicting four women at a Donald Trump rally seemingly wearing t-shirts that spelled out the slogan "Make America White Again":

The image was a riff on Trump's much-debated campaign slogan "Make America Great Again," a phrase that opponents countered by asserting America never "stopped being great." However, Trump's words resonated with his base, and the slogan appears on a plethora of shirts, hats, and other Trump campaign items.

It wasn't difficult to determine that the photograph had been altered. The original dated to at least December 2015 and showed that the pictured Trump supporters had simply reproduced Trump's rallying phrase, with the third woman's shirt digitally changed to read "WHITE" rather than "GREAT":

trump women make america great again

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.

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