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Did Macklemore Join ISIS?

Rumor: Musician Macklemore tweeted that he has joined ISIS.

Published Feb 20, 2015

Claim:   Musician Macklemore tweeted that he has joined ISIS.


Example:   [Collected via twitter, February 2015]


Origins:   On 19 February 2015, a rumor started circulating via Twitter that musician Macklemore had joined the terrorist group ISIS.

The rumor stemmed from a fake tweet that was created to look like a message sent from Macklemore's account. The bogus tweet was frequently attached to the hashtag #MacklemoreJoinedISIS, which soon became a worldwide trending topic:

Macklemore, however, is not affiliated in any way with the terrorist group ISIS. This is a fake tweet that was most likely created with a combination of Photoshop and a program such as Let Me Tweet That for You. These programs make it very easy for people to post social media messages that appear to come from celebrities.

The following message, for instance, was also never posted to Macklemore's Twitter account:

Last updated:   20 February 2015

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