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Yes, Macaroni and Cheese-Flavored Ice Cream Exists

The flavor was only being sold temporarily.

Published July 17, 2021

 (Screenshot, Kraft Twitter page)
Image courtesy of Screenshot, Kraft Twitter page
There is such a thing as macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream.

If you're convinced of the need to combine your dinner and your dessert into one dish, you'll be happy to know that packaged food brand Kraft and novelty ice cream company Van Leeuwen partnered to launch a limited edition macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream.

And yes, as Grub Street (New York Magazine's food blog) noted, the ice cream contained the famous, bright orange Kraft mac 'n cheese sauce mix. Van Leeuwen's website indeed says:

Nothing makes us happier than this Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream. If this reminds you of the ice cream you grew up with, you might be out of your mind. If this reminds you of the comforting bowl of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese you grew up with, you’re getting warmer. Because did we make this ice cream with that buttery, sweet iconic cheese? You bet.

Van Leeuwen sells traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate, but also more unconventional ones like Earl Grey Tea and Royal Wedding Cake.

The macaroni and cheese flavor selling on July 14, 2021, (which was National Macaroni and Cheese Day) until supplies lasted. As of this writing, it's already listed as "out of stock" on Van Leeuwen's website, but it was also being sold at Van Leeuwen scoop shops.

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