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Why Does Tom Hiddleston's Reflection Look Like Loki?

Other than the fact that Hiddleston is the actor who portrays Loki....

Published Jun 21, 2021

Image Via Twitter
Actor Tom Hiddleston's reflection does not match up with his face in a viral photograph.

Loki, the god of mischief in the Marvel universe, has magical powers that would confound just about any human who witnessed them. Actor Tom Hiddleston, as far as we know, does not possess these magical abilities. The line between this fictional character and the actor who portrays him was apparently blurred when a viral photograph was circulated on social media that supposedly showed a mismatch between Hiddleston and his reflection:

It might be difficult to see at first, but this image appears to show Hiddleston with a beard, while his reelection is clean shaven (as Loki is often portrayed). Is Loki playing a trick? Did he alter the space-time continuum? Did he use the Tesseract?

No, the strange optics in this image have little to do with Marvel or magic. This picture was digitally edited and has been circulating since at least 2019.

The original photograph of Hiddleston was taken by Twitter user Cristian Terán (@_optionC) and showed the actor at a restaurant after a Comic-Con event in Arizona. In the original image, both Hiddleston and Hiddleston's reflection have beards:

Here's a comparison of the real photograph (left) and the manipulated image (right):

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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