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Little Quizzies

Coed makes unintentionally risqué remark about professor's 'little quizzies.'

Published May 24, 1999

Claim:   Coed makes unintentionally risqué remark about professor's "little quizzies."


Example:   [Bronner, 1990]

There's also the tough prof who gives students painful quizzes, which he irritatingly calls his "little quizzies." After the third or so ordeal with these "quizzies," a coed tells her classmate, "If those are his quizzies, I'd hate to see his testes."


Origins:   Print references to the "little quizzies" tale date to 1962, but the tale itself has been around since the early 1950s. It continues to surface among college students to this day. Similar to a number of other college legends (e.g., Why Does It Taste So Salty?), it swings on the notion of a hapless coed's blurting out the wrong thing, unaware (at least for the moment) of how her comment will be taken.

Barbara "what's the plural of 'testy'?" Mikkelson

Last updated:   16 June 2011


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