Letter from Bill Schoonover

Text reproduces letter from Bill Schoonover to members of Congress?

Claim:   Text reproduces letter from Bill Schoonover to members of Congress.


Origins:   Bill Schoonover is a 78-year-old (as of 2013) U.S. Army veteran residing in Oak Harbor, Washington, familiar to many readers as the author of several caustic letters to members of Congress which have been published on the Internet. His collection of political missives includes:

  • An August 2009 letter to all members of Congress and their staffs, advocating the GOOOH (‘Get Out of Our House’) plan to place citizen representatives on ballots to compete against all incumbents in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • A December 2009 letter to Congressman Edward Markey decrying global warming as a “hoax.”
  • A July 2009 letter to California senator Barbara Boxer criticizing her for directing a general to address her as “Senator” rather than “ma’am.”
  • An April 2013 letter to Washington senators Patty Murray
    and Maria Cantwell condemning congressional perqs.
  • Last updated:   25 June 2013

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