Are ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ In-N-Out Cups Real?

Who knew that In-N-Out cups would become a go-to for photoshoppers.

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A photograph shows "Let's Go Brandon" written on the inside rim at the bottom of an In-N-Out cup.



In October 2021, an image started circulating on social media that supposedly showed the words “Let’s Go Brandon,” a euphemism for “F*ck Joe Biden,” on the bottom inside rim of an In-N-Out cup. 

This is not a genuine photograph but a digitally altered image. 

The fake “Let’s Go Brandon” cup was created from the same image that was used in a previous In-N-Out Burger cup hoax. Back in 2015, an image was circulated on social media that showed the words “Hail Satan” written on this cup. Here’s a look at the original image, which featured a reference to Bible verse “John 3:16,” and the doctored “Let’s Go Brandon” version.

The In-N-Out Burger chain does print bible verses on the bottoms of their cups. Lynsi Snyder, the granddaughter of In-N-Out Burger chain Founders Harry and Esther Snyder and current owner of the company, told the Christian Post:

It was my uncle Rich who put the Bible verses on the cups and wrappers in the early ‘90s, just before he passed away … He had just accepted the Lord and wanted to put that little touch of his faith on our brand. It’s a family business and will always be, and that’s a family touch. In later years, I added verses to the fry boat, coffee, and hot cocoa cups.


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