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Costco to Offer Wholesale Marijuana by Summer

Rumor: The Costco chain will soon be selling bulk marijuana in their Washington stores.

Published Apr 7, 2015

Claim:   The Costco chain will soon be selling bulk marijuana in their Washington stores.


Example: [Collected via Twitter, April 2015]

For real?!? #Costco to Offer Wholesale #Marijuana by Summer

Origins: On 6 April 2015, the Kitsap Report web site published an article titled "Costco to Offer Wholesale Marijuana by Summer," positing that the Costco chain of membership-only warehouse stores would soon be selling bulk marijuana in their outlets throughout the state Washington:

Kirkland based wholesale megastore Costco has announced plans to offer bulk high grade marijuana under their flagship Kirkland Signature brand in all 237 Washington locations.

The marijuana will be exclusively purchased from the Suquamish Tribe, which is currently awaiting federal approval to begin production.

Washington residents will not be able to purchase marijuana in bulk from Costco stores, however. Although the state of Washington (like Colorado) now allows residents to legally possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes, Washington state law only permits individuals to have up to one ounce of that substance for personal use.

Moreover, the Kitsap Report is not a real news publication: it's a satirical web site that offers spoof articles set in Kitsap County (Washington) locales, with headlines such as "Poulsbo Dealership Sells Gluten Free Cars," "Port Orchard Bail Bond Company Now Accepting Bitcoin," and "Breathtaking Bremerton Baby Boy Born with Butt Balls."

Last updated:   29 May 2015

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