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Is 'Kranch' a Real Heinz Condiment?

"Combines the delicious taste of classic ketchup and ranch and a special blend of spices."

Published Jul 14, 2021

 (Courtesy of Kraft Heinz)
Image Via Courtesy of Kraft Heinz
As of July 2021, Kraft Heinz sold a condiment called "Kranch," which combined ketchup and ranch dressing.


In the summer of 2021, social media users began posting what appeared to be photographs of a novel Heinz condiment in plastic bottles: Kranch "saucy sauce."

New or unusual flavor combinations are a common subject of online pranks, hoaxes, and digitally-manipulated, viral photos, and Snopes has debunked many of these in the past, including the bogus Heinz condiment "Mayoreo," in June 2021.

Kranch, on the other hand, is real. It's one of seven "flavor mashups" created by the company in recent years, along with condiments and sauces like "Buffaranch," "Mayochup" and "Honeyracha." 

Kranch was first launched in April 2019, and its entry on the Kraft Heinz website says it "Combines the delicious taste of classic ketchup + ranch and a special blend of spices."

Dan Mac Guill is a former writer for Snopes.

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