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Is Lifetime Airing a Romance-Drama Starring KFC's Colonel Sanders?

A KFC Colonel Sanders movie? Can 2020 get any stranger?

Published Dec 7, 2020

A KFC sign. (Mike Mozart / Flickr)
A KFC sign. (Image Via Mike Mozart / Flickr)
The Lifetime network is airing a romance-drama about Kentucky Fried Chicken's mascot, Colonel Sanders.

This surreal year will be ending with a Lifetime spicy romance-drama starring ... drumroll ... Kentucky Fried Chicken's mascot Colonel Sanders. Yes, a KFC Colonel Sanders movie.

Social media users saw promotions and posts for "A Recipe for Seduction" and wondered if it was real — and it is. Airing on Dec. 13, 2020, the production is a 15-minute "mini-movie," the result of a collaboration between KFC and Lifetime. And it will star a goateed, bespectacled Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders.

In a news release about the short film, KFC said those 15 minutes would be "full of mystery, suspense, deception, 'fowl' play and — at the heart of it all — love and fried chicken."

Per the trailer, the mini-movie will have pretty much everything required for a soap opera, from a maleficent preppy bad guy to a humble and handsome hero. And also chicken. Probably a lot of chicken. The trailer for the KFC Colonel Sanders movie can be viewed here:

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