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Justin Bieber Helps a Rape Victim

Justin Bieber befriended a fan who was raped after attending one of his concerts?

Published Aug 5, 2012

Claim:   Justin Bieber befriended a fan who had been raped after attending one of his concerts.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, July 2012]

Did you guys hear this story? A girl went to Justin’s concert, and after… She got raped. She was crying in the street for 3 days, all she had was 10 dollars, couldn’t find her way home, her parents thought she was in a hotel.

They went looking for her, the girl finally found a way home when her dad told her that her mom has been killed in a car accident. The story went out on twitter & Justin met her and she told him the story and they cried together. They also went to dinner together and Justin is paying psycological support.

THIS is why I will never stop loving him.


Origins:   This item about Justin Bieber's befriending and paying for the psychological treatment of a girl who was raped after attending one of his concerts is nothing but a bit of fiction, a fanciful tale made up by someone who attached it to a photograph of a young woman who posed for a few pictures with the singer during a fan encounter.

The young woman shown in the picture posted the photograph (along with others from the same sequence) to her "Bieber Swag Baby" blog, which now bears a header reading:

ALL THE RUMOURS THAT I WAS RAPED AND MY MOM DIED ARE NOT TRUE!!!! Someone took my picture and made up a story, I just met him outside of his hotel ... NOTHING ELSE!!!

The FAQ on her blog also states:

Q: Is it true that you got raped, your mom died and now justin is paying for your therapy?

A: NOO!! That is not me!! This is my photo and someone took it and made up the story. The picture is me but the story is not true! I just met him outside his hotel, nothing else.

Last updated:   5 August 2012

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