Jimmy Carter on the First Woman President

A purported Jimmy Carter quote about the election of the United States' first woman president appears to be fake.

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Jimmy Carter said that the novelty of electing a woman president should not outweigh the duty of electing an honest president.

I received a supposed Jimmy Carter quote on the internet: “The novelty of electing 'The first woman President of America' should not outweigh our duty of electing an honest and ethical president.” Is this true?



In June 2016, a purported quote from former president Jimmy Carter concerning the possible election of the United States’ first woman president began circulating online:


We’ve found no documentation showing that the former president said this, however, and no record of this statement (attached to Jimmy Carter’s name or otherwise) showing up prior to June 2016, when it was posted on an internet forum regarding Hillary Clinton and election fraud.

Although the post included links to dozens of sources in an attempt to prove that Clinton had committed election fraud, it provided no citation for the quote attributed to Carter. Given that this “quote” originated on a thread dedicated to showing why Hillary Clinton should not be elected president of the United States, and that no reputable publication had ever linked Carter to this phrase prior to its publication on this forum, it’s probable Jimmy Carter never said it.

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