Jim Nabors married Rock Hudson were married to each other.





Sometimes the most ridiculous rumors are the ones that prove the longest-lived. That is certainly the case with the rumored Nabors-Hudson union, a fabrication that entered popular lore in 1971.

Rock Hudson

Unlike many bits of celebrity gossip, this tale began as a good-natured in-joke about two men in the entertainment industry whom insiders knew to be homosexual but who remained closeted to the public; a bit of silliness that was not intended to malign either man or be mistaken for fact. No one, it appears, was looking to harm either Hudson or Nabors; this was an instance of playful exuberance taken as dead seriousness.

As Rock Hudson reported about the tale’s origins: 

There appears to be a couple of elderly, or middle-aged homosexuals who live in Huntington Beach, which is just down the coast from Los Angeles, who every year give a party, a big party, 500 people or so. And they invite everyone they know. It’s an engraved invitation, and to make it amusing they will say, “You’re cordially invited to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in Huntington Beach.” One year the invitation was, “You are cordially invited to the wedding reception of Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors.” And it went all over the country.