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Kylie Jenner (age 17), Pregnant By Rapper Tyga (25)

Is reality star Kylie Jenner pregnant by rapper Tyga?

Published Dec. 11, 2014


Claim:   Reality star Kylie Jenner announced on Twitter she was pregnant by rapper Tyga.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, December 2014]

I recently saw a post on facebook about Kylie Jenner (17) announcing that she was pregnant by rapper Tyga (25), was curious to know if it was true or not.


Origins:   In December 2014, the web site Hip-Hop Hangover published an article claiming 17-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner was pregnant by 25-year-old rapper Tyga, with the article's main piece of evidence being a tweet Jenner supposedly sent out on 21 November 2014:

Hip-Hop Hangover, a web site that currently has fictitious articles such as "Black Friday Stemmed from the Sales of Black Slaves After Thanksgiving" and "After Downloading Facebook Messenger, A Harvard Student Now Missing" listed on its front page, claims Jenner's management deleted the tweet almost immediately after it was sent out. This claim might be plausible if any publication other than the entertainment site Hip-Hop Hangover had managed to capture a screenshot of the message.

There has been plenty of speculation in the media regarding the romance between Kylie Jenner and Tyga. While it is impossible to know all of the details of Jenner's personal life, it's safe to say the reality star did not confirm her pregnancy on Twitter this November.

Last updated:   11 December 2014

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