The JC Penney Portrait Studio in Fairview Heights, Illinois refused to take a photo with an American flag because it "went against their belief." See Example( s )

Collected via e-mail, December 2015

Rant of the year!!!!! I will never step foot in JC Penny nor support them in any way! My grandpa passed away last weekend and today after the burial the whole family went to JC Penny's for pictures while everyone in the family was there. Well one of the pictures my family wanted to take was a picture with the American flag in the shadow box that was given to them at the funeral. It was folded correctly by the air force and everything. JC Penny refused to take a picture with the American flag because it went aginst their belief!!! What country are they in? America. Your telling me you refuse to take a picture of a deceased persons honorable flag that the family has? A person that served in the air force in wars and fought for your freedom? Because of your belief you Cant take that picture? The person taking the pictures said it was their belief and JC Penny's belief to not take pictures of the American flag. (i can understand if it was unfolded hitting the ground and such forth but this flag is the most beautifully folded and clean flag) Talk about a smack in the face to not only my family but my grandfather and all of his fellow and fallen soldiers. To me JC Penny is not an American store!!! Rant of the year!!!!!!!!!!




A portrait studio leasing space from JCPenney declined to take a photo with an American flag because of the photographer's misinterpretation of an existing policy.


That the portrait studio was owned by JCPenney and refused to take a photo with a flag because it was "against their belief."


On 26 December 2015, Facebook user Sarah Lester published the above-reproduced complaint, claiming the JC Penney Portrait Studio in Fairview Heights, Illinois refused to include an American flag in a memorial photo shoot commemorating her grandfather’s passing; the reason Lester provided was that the store’s beliefs conflicted with the flag.

We contacted Lester for more information, and called the store in question. That JC Penney location directed us to their corporate offices, who told us:

The photo session referenced by the customer took place at our Fairview Heights, IL, store in a photo studio operated by Lifetouch, a photo company that leases space in many of our locations.

Unfortunately, the Lifetouch associate misinterpreted Lifetouch’s flag photography policy — which details how flags should be displayed with the utmost respect and dignity — to mean that no flags could be photographed whatsoever.  

Lifetouch has been in touch with the customer to apologize for the regrettable incident, and is arranging photo service compensation.

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