Jay Jon Dead?

Did Jay Jon die shortly after releasing his song 'C.O.P.?'

Claim:   Singer Jay Jon was found dead shortly after the releasing the song “C.O.P.” on YouTube.


Example:   [Collected via email, December 2014]

A 17 Year Old Boy Makes A Song (C.O.P.) About Police Brutality. One Week Later He Goes Missing And Is Found Dead On Side Walk. Is this true?


Origins:   Shortly after releasing the song “C.O.P. (Criminals of Permission)” in September 2014, singer Jay Jon became the subject of a rumor circulating on Facebook stating that he had been found dead:

A 17 Year old boy Made a Song Called C.O.P (Criminals With Permission) And It Went Viral All Over Social Media The Same Day. Later That Week The Boy Went Missing After School And Was Found Dead The Next Morning On The Side Walk Miles From Were He Lived. At The Very Last Seconds Of His Song He Says “You’ll Probably Find Me And Kill Me With Permission. The Police Still Have Not Released Any Additional Info At This Time.


While the origins of the message can’t be pinpointed to a specific Facebook user, the content of the post is certainly fake. On 22 September 2014, Jay Jon addressed the rumor by uploading a video to Facebook entitled “That Article Is F*cking Fake”:

Despite Jay Jon’s efforts to prove he was still alive, the rumor persisted, so on 14 November 2014 the singer posted another video to Facebook in an attempt to dispel the whispers. This time, however, he took a different approach:

Last updated:   3 December 2014

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