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Mishap with a tent exposes a couple's sexual activity to fellow campers.

Published March 13, 2006


Legend:   Mishap with a tent exposes a couple's sexual activity to fellow campers.

Example:   [Brunvand, 1989]

Mom, Dad, and three kids set out for a camping trip with their new pop-up tent trailer. They arrive at the campground in the afternoon and begin to arrange their site.

After the parents get the tent set up, the double bed inside looks very inviting. But they remember that all five of them will be confined to the single small "bedroom" that night. So they sent the kids down to the lake to play, and the two of them get into the tent and make love.

Unfortunately, they have not set the unit up properly. At just the wrong moment, it tips over and collapses, spilling them out on the ground in front of all the other campers at the site. The parents set a new record for rapid repacking of a tent trailer, while the children cry and say, "But why do we have to go? We just got here!"

Origins:   Although

Honey, close the door!

societal attitudes towards sex and nudity have changed a great deal in many parts of the world over the last several decades, for many of us the thought of being spied in flagrante delicto remains the supreme embarrassment imaginable. The only question is which situation would be worst — to be caught in the act in front of our children, our (adult) acquaintances, or complete strangers?

The tale reproduced above has none of the moral elements commonly found in sex-related legends: no adulterers whose cheating is revealed to the world at large; no aficionados of "kinky" carnal activities who are brought to light and exposed to shame — just an good, old-fashioned nuclear family out for a nice, wholesome camping trip. Ironically, the parents end up mortally embarrassed for engaging in a common recreational activity, and the kids are deprived of a vacation because their parents were observed in the very act that produced those children in the first place.

Last updated:   13 March 2006

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