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Does In-N-Out Cup Weigh in on Jeffrey Epstein's Death?

Conspiracy theories now travel by meme.

Published Nov. 5, 2019

A photograph shows an In-N-Out restaurant cup bearing the message "Epstein did not kill himself."

In November 2019, a meme reanimated an old rumor about clandestine messages printed on In-N-Out restaurant cups.

epstein cup

As one sharp-eyed Redditor noted, this was a “[Photo]shop of a shop.” In other words, it was obviously a digitally altered version of an existing meme, which Snopes identified as "False" back in October 2015.

Back then, the image was manipulated to read “Hail Satan,” where in reality a Bible verse notation would appear. As Snopes reported in 2002: “Though even In-N-Out Burger can’t provide a precise date of when the Bible citations were first placed on its packaging, company records indicate they’ve been there at least since 1987 [...]”

The latest variant of the "secret" text on the In-N-Out cup plays off a trend of odd memes fueling Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories via not-so-subliminal messaging.

Have you seen other variations of this claim? Let us know.

Bond Huberman is a former editor for Snopes.

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