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Huntley Brown -- Why I Can't Vote for Obama

Editorial by pianist Huntley Brown explains why he won't vote for Barack Obama?

Published Oct. 14, 2008


Claim:   Editorial by pianist Huntley Brown explains why he won't vote for Barack Obama.

Status:   True.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, October 2008]

I wanted to send this article from Huntley Brown - a fabulous concert
pianist, a man of God and a black man. I appreciate so much his reasoning
for not voting for Obama. I would like to see his article published or
spread out via Email to as many as possible. It's good stuff!

Origins:   Huntley Brown is, as described on his web site, a "a Christian concert pianist whose versatile repertoire includes classical, jazz, gospel, reggae and many other styles." An e-mail to Mr. Brown about the item reproduced above, an explanation attributed to him about why he would not be voting for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, drew the following response:

Yes, I wrote this e-mail. I was responding to my friends who asked me to
vote for Senator Obama because he is black.

It was not my intention to send it around the world.

I did not post this e-mail or send out any pictures attached. I wish they
had not done that.

My friends did not ask me to vote for Senator Mccain which explains why my
e-mail was geared towards Senator Obama.

My e-mail was not meant to influence public opinion in any way, but simply
to share with my friends my views on why I could not vote for Senator

I have problems with both candidates, but the differences I have with
Senator Mccain are pale in comparison with the ones I have with Senator

For the record, I am not a politician. I am not a Democrat or a
Republican. I am a Christian independent who just loves the Lord.

If Senator Obama wins he can count on my prayer support every day.

I tell my friends it's like a family where you have different opinions,
but you love each other just the same. I love and appreciate Senator Obama
but our views are diametrically opposed.

If I knew my e-mail would have generated this much interest on a national
level, I would have left out a few points. I don't want people to think I
am against gay people or against people who have had abortions. (I am not)
We are all sinners saved by grace but we need to have some absolute laws
to govern society or else we will self destruct.

What has really bothered me is our beautiful black women constitute only
6% of the population, yet they comprise 36% of the abortion industry's
clientele. Obama has done nothing to stop this.
Most people don't know that the leading abortion providers have chosen to
exploit us blacks by locating 94% of their abortuaries in urban
neighborhoods with high black populations. Obama has done nothing to stop

To be honest I can't wait to vote for the first black President but it has
to be a person who shares the values I read in the Bible.

Thanks for checking to make sure my e-mail is legit it is.

The sad part is I have been getting hate mail and my family is being
harassed. As you can imagine not everyone is happy with my e-mail. God
bless you richly.

Some uncertainty has been expressed over whether Huntley Brown, who was born in Jamaica, is actually a U.S. citizen and thus eligible to vote in U.S. elections. Mr. Brown assured us that he is in fact a United States citizen who has lived in this country for 24 years and has voted in previous elections.

Last updated:   28 October 2008

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