Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus has endorsed Donald Trump for president, but Marcus is no longer the CEO or chairman of the home improvement chain.

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Home Depot founder and CEO Bernie Marcus has endorsed Donald Trump for president.


Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Bernie Marcus is no longer the CEO or chairman of Home Depot, having retired from those positions fourteen years ago.


On 1 June 2016, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus published an essay on the web site Real Clear Politics in which he announced that he was endorsing GOP candidate Donald Trump for President of the United States:

As a backer of former Republican presidential candidates, I now stand in support of Donald J. Trump because the fate of this nation depends upon sending him, and not Hillary Clinton, to the White House.

I know Donald Trump, but we’re not close friends. However, I believe he will begin on Day One undoing the damage done by President Barack Obama. I stand ready to help him at every turn.

While Real Clear Politics correctly identified Bernie Marcus as the “co-founder of Home Depot” and “Chairman of the Marcus Foundation,” many who shared the above-quoted story incorrectly stated that Marcus was the current CEO and President of Home Depot:

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Bernie Marcus was a co-founder of Home Depot home improvement chain, and he did serve as the company’s first CEO for 19 years and also served as chairman of the board. However, he retired from both those positions in 2002 and is no longer actively involved in running the company.

Shortly after Bernie Marcus published his essay endorsing Donald Trump, Home Depot replied to a complaint about his announcement on their Facebook page by noting that Marcus had retired from the company several years earlier:

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