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Michael Jordan Announces Comeback, Will Suit Up for Charlotte Hornets

Rumor: Michael Jordan is planning his return to the NBA at age 52.

Published Dec 30, 2014

Claim:   Michael Jordan will return to the NBA at age 52 to play for the Charlotte Hornets.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, December 2014]

Is Michael Jordan coming out of retirement to play for the Charlotte Hornets basketball team???


Origins:   On 26 December 2014, the web site Empire News published an article claiming Michael Jordan was returning to the NBA to play for the Charlotte Hornets:

Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan announced earlier today that after years of time away from the game, he will make an attempt to come back and play for the Charlotte Hornets, the team he co-owns.

Jordan, 51, held a press conference earlier today and shocked sports journalists and fans alike with the possible game-changing announcement.

"After being out of the game more than ten years, and hearing so much talk about Kobe Bryant passing up my all-time point total, I've decided to make myself available to my team as a player. I can still shoot the rock, did y'all doubt that?" Jordan said as he laughed.


Michael Jordan has made no such announcement, however Empire News is a fake news site whose disclaimer states the publication is "for entertainment purposes only."

While Michael Jordan frequently finds himself at the top of the NBA's Greatest Players list, it's very unlikely the 51-year-old athlete will suit up for another NBA game. Still, a video from a 2013 basketball camp shows His Airness has some spring left in his step:

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