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Are These Photos from a 'Hillbilly Wedding'?

Who wouldn't want their wedding cake to be catered by Hostess?

Published Mar 2, 2005

Photographs document a "hillbilly wedding" with a Twinkies wedding cake.

Pictures of A Recent hillbilly Wedding
The couple and their Wedding Cake.

A Lovely Wedding Cake
Catered by Little Debbie.

Okay, boys and girls, how many "hillbilly" stereotypes can we spot in these pictures?

We have the pregnant, cigarette-smoking, sandal-shod bride with a NASCAR tattoo, and the mullet-headed, gap-toothed, beer-swilling groom clad in torn jeans and a plaid shirt, posing in front of a motor home and attended by a faithful Rottweiler, celebrating their wedding with a "cake" composed of Hostess brand Twinkies and Suzy Q cupcakes. That's eleven or twelve right there ...

The picture of the bride and groom was an entry submitted to a Worth1000.com (now DesignCrowd) photo manipulation contest entitled "If Rednecks Ruled." The actual photograph from which the manipulated image was made was lifted from the online album of a couple who wed in August 2003.

The picture of the cake is genuine (albeit unrelated to the first photograph): It was taken from the Hostess web site, and it captures a couple who "shared their Hostess happiness with guests" by "serving a three-tiered cake made of Twinkies and Cup Cakes" at their December 2002 engagement party.

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