Did Hillary Clinton Say Democratic Voters Are Stupid?

A quote from Hillary Clinton about Democratic voters' being 'stupid' and 'easy to manipulate' is a fabricated one.

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Hillary Clinton said that Democratic voters are 'stupid' and 'easy to manipulate.'



In December 2015, a photograph of Hillary Clinton, along with a quote ostensibly uttered by her about the intelligence of Democratic voters, started making the social media rounds:

This statement was not uttered by Hillary Clinton, nor was it published in the 2005 book Rewriting History by Dick Morris as something she ostensibly said. We found no record of this quote in any major publication or news account. In fact, the first mention of this item came in October 2015, more than a decade after Morris’ book was published, on a Tumblr page dedicated to generating fake Hillary Clinton quotes:

tumblr quotes

The “Shocking Hillary Clinton quotes …” Tumblr page claims that all of its links are “100% verified,” but we reviewed a handful of memes posted to the page and found all of them to be completely fictional. While the web site does provide links to make its material seem more credible, these links never direct readers to the actual source of the quote.

This fabricated quotation appears to have been inspired by a similar statement (falsely) attributed to Donald Trump, holding that Republicans are the “dumbest group of voters.”

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