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Hillary Clinton Had Drunken Meltdown After Losing the Election?

Unreliable sources are reporting that Clinton had a violent temper tantrum upon learning she had lost the 2016 election.

Published Nov 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton threw a violent tantrum after losing the 2016 presidential election.

On 15 November 2016, InfoWars, the web site belonging to conspiracy theorist and alternative supplement salesman Alex Jones shared a story claiming that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had to be restrained during a violent outburst after being defeated by her rival, Donald Trump in the 8 November 2016 election:

Hillary Clinton reportedly became “physically violent” towards her own campaign staff after she realized she had lost the presidential election, according to radio host Todd Kincannon.

“CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained,” tweeted Kincannon.

It was Podesta who was sent out to talk to Hillary’s dejected supporters shortly before Hillary called Donald Trump to concede, with Clinton nowhere to be seen until the following day.

When asked about rumors that Hillary was drunk on election night, Kincannon responded, “She was. I posted about that too. She was in a “psychotic drunken rage” according to my reporter friend. Doctor added sedatives to the mix.”

The only source for the story, and versions being shared on other unreliable sites, are the tweets of Todd Kincannon, a controversial figure who has gained notoriety by trolling on Twitter, famously opining in 2013: "This Super Bowl sucks more dick than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money." On 14 November 2016, Kincannon celebrated the death of PBS journalist Gwen Ifill, then responded to resulting ire by saying, "I trigger liberals for fun and profit. You should try it."

It's unclear if the tantrum story was more "triggering" or a claim Kincannon intended to be taken seriously. He tweeted that an unnamed CNN journalist was blocked from reporting the tantrum by his editors. There is no video provided and no other witnesses corroborating the account:

InfoWars attempts to shore up Kincannon's claim by citing Crisis of Character, a book written by former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne, which the Association of Former Agents blasted as being politically motivated and possibly untrue because Byrne's rank wouldn't have allowed him close enough access to the Clintons to see what he claims he saw.

This is not the first time an unsupported claim that Clinton threw a temper tantrum has surfaced. Various unreliable web sites claimed Clinton went into a curse-filled tirade and threw a glass at a staffer after becoming enraged at NBC host Matt Lauer's questions during a 2016 forum. While the Clinton camp was reportedly unhappy with Lauer's questions, there are no reliable reports Clinton became violent or profane.



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Bethania Palma is a journalist from the Los Angeles area who has been working in the news industry since 2006.