Did Heinz Launch a New Condiment Called ‘Mayoreo’?

Please no.

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In 2021, Heinz sold a new condiment called "Mayoreo."



In June 2021, social media users enthusiastically shared a photograph of what appeared to be a bizarre new Heinz condiment, “Mayoreo” — a mix of mayonnaise and Oreo cookies. 

On June 24, for example, Alonzo Lerone published a widely shared Facebook post including the photograph, which showed a hand holding Heinz squeeze bottle, filled with a grey condiment with brown speckles, and bearing a label that read: “Heinz / Mayoreo / Sauce.” His caption read: “I’M CALLING THE POLICE!!!!”

In reality, though, the photograph was the result of digital manipulation, and not a real Heinz product. We are issuing a rating of “False.”

A spokesperson for Kraft Heinz confirmed for Snopes that “We do not produce Mayoreo.” A clue as to the true provenance of the photo could be found in the design of the fake bottle itself. Above the “Heinz” logo, the phrase “DoctorPhotograph” could be seen:

The photograph was originally posted, on June 23, by DoctorPhotograph, a Facebook and Instagram account that specializes in fake product designs, as shown in the following screenshot: