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Dog Heads for Sale

Photograph shows frozen dog heads for sale in a foreign supermarket's meat section?

Published Oct 28, 2013

Claim:   Photograph shows dog heads for sale in a foreign supermarket's meat section.


Examples:   [Collected on the Internet, May 2013]

Chinese have applied to start importing frozen Dog heads for their consumption, is this right and are you "OK" with it being in supermarkets?

Here is a picture of dog meat and dog head found in Shoprite Shopping Mall in a particular state of the country.
This is going to be a delight for a particular tribe, especially the prospect of using it to prepare dog pepper soup.


Origins:   This image of wrapped and packaged dog heads being offered for sale in the meat department of a

supermarket hit the Internet in May 2013. The photograph is variously claimed to have been taken at a store in China, South Korea, Nigeria, or Vietnam.

All of those countries — China, South Korea, Nigeria, and Vietnam — have reputations (to varying degrees) as places where meat from domesticated dogs is consumed by humans, served in restaurants, and/or sold as a food product, but so far we have been unable to ascertain the original source of this image or verify its authenticity, nor have we yet turned up any other photographs depicting similar scenes.

Last updated:   28 October 2013

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